2014… January through April ish ❤️

An incredible, worrisome, amazing year.

I had been in a relationship that was best I had ever been in at the end of 2013 ( Nov) we worked together, not identical shifts but has the ability to see one another during work a few times.

We connected, I wanted to pinch myself for the way I was being treated. Someone was loving me fully, and showing my sides I had never seen, caring about me fully. I also thought this can’t be real, it’s fake. Because I lacked fully trusting my partner for the past relationships but tried to push those thoughts aside anytime they came….

So in the beginning of the year I was still exp painful times, and wanting answers. I had a regular appt for women, and they suggested I have a pelvic ultrasound to see where I was compared to one prior to my new insurance..

The day I was following up on this my boyfriend wanted to come to the appt with me, so we could hang out together afterwards. I explained it was a lady appt and he agreed to wait in the lobby.

I was in this appt for what felt like 2 hours. The provider was very concerned and drawing images all over the exam table paper on what was going on… the communication that was lacking, and or going overboard from my brain to my lady parts, and or lack of.

The provider was explaining how I was COVERED IN CYSTS, my ovaries had about 40-50 cysts and this was the reason I had gone 2 years without a cycle. I had one the side of an orange that needed attention immediately as he wanted to rule out cancer…. he also suggested going ahead to take away all the lady parts during the surgery, to avoid further complications. He reported I wouldn’t be able to conceive and would have to have this surgery every few years likely…

This was PCOS in full force. I declined this and said I would rather address hysterectomy at a different time, that I was 23 and felt that first things first should be handled..

I walked out of the appt in fear, worry, bare acceptance you name it. But chocking back tears, I can remember walking into the parking lot trying not to break down in front of my boyfriend.

I was to have surgery within the next week, and would put me out of work for a few months.

They performed the surgery, got all the cysts out… confirmed no cancer in the major one of concern.

I had an amazing support team surrounding me. Including my new boyfriend, communicating with my family, who he barely knew, making sure I made it out of surgery okay.

I made it home, living by myself with my little dog 🐕 and spending the next few days or weeks on the couch.

My boyfriend came before work, and after work. I lived in Vancouver and him in Clackamas, this is a good 40 min apart with decent traffic. And thankfully his hours were outside of rush hour timing.

I was embarrassed to have all this going on while only dating 4-5 months.

I had to just throw it aside because he was a natural at loving and caring for me….

He nailed it — and one night he showed up dressed as my dr, bringing me a rose in bed, whatever I needed, or didn’t need. Pretty sure he had me stocked up.

I was his “butterfly 🦋”. He referred to

Me as a butterfly because all the adventures and free spirit I had shown him in the last almost year ( we were friends before hand)

I was itching for freedom and was feeling cabin fever after about a week of being home and once the pain wasn’t being managed by pain medication that made me loose track of 10hrs in a day, and being in the same spot he left me…

Chiki 🐕 and I went on a drive up & tried to capture some pictures in nature where her and I could always relax 🌲🌿🌳 We didn’t make it to long, but it was enough i remember to clear my head and let her get out and about!

I was than off work for 3-4 months because there was no light duty available for a lead aide. It really brought us close together, though he didn’t have to come by and care for me for everything for that long, he was showing his love and commitment to me…

(To be continued…)

Happy NYE/ New Years 2020

An entire decade has come and gone — wow. And a whole lot happens in a 10 year span, seriously. As we all reflect on the “past” decade, let’s let it remind us that it’s what has brought us to the now, and so beautifully.

Maybe 2020 doesn’t feel like it’s off to a great start, but it’s guaranteed to pass and bring bursts of joy, laughter soon enough.

If we focus on the good, we feel the good.

Right? How many times have you been negative about one thing, and felt it just all go downhill from there? Suddenly each and every little thing just gets you going into a funk.

Let it go.

2020 – we are letting it go. And not like “forget about it” but let go of what you can’t change and focus on the good in what you have, and can be in charge of.

You are the one in charge of your happiness. Even in moments of darkness. You can’t keep yourself there.

I am currently sitting in my car, my 4 year old is sound asleep, we got off work/school early for NYE closures. The rain is coming down and I hear him snoring.

I am letting him get a few minutes rest because I know that he needs it.

And what is more peaceful then a warm car, and the rain 🌧 falling down on you.

Not much!

Take your time, slow down, breathe in the new decade and embrace the new beginnings. Bring on the new shifts in your perspective. You are the boss of YOU!

“Happiness is the consequence of personal effort.”

Adios 2019 — Hola 2020.

It’s that time of year where we loose track of the days between Christmas and New Years, where we as parents have kids home for 2 weeks and are buying groceries left and right. Where your making a list of resolutions and planning up your year to come.

Take it all in — new beginnings are a favorite of mine. Not a challenge. I am always thinking ahead and planning growth, strength for myself and my family.

Take a few moments to think up how your going to tackle the new year — don’t be overwhelmed. You have 365 days to grow into these habits.

Cheers to 2020!

|| 2011– 2013 ||


This was a very important few years of my life— I had just gotten out of a serious toxic marriage, I was rebuilding my life from the bottom up since I had hit the ground running… I was focused on ME. For the first time ever in my adult life again it was so clear to me what I needed and deserved as a young adult women, and that was respect, self love and remaining strong.

For my health at this time I was continuing to hit the gym daily & incorporating the healthy foods I wasn’t able to eat for a few years prior. I was on CLOUD NINE! I had 2 jobs and was making my bills on time (again).

Peep this transformation photos! Hard work was paying off! Right!!!?

Still having health concerns and experiences I was holding on strong, and able to keep up With my hectic scheduling.

I had my little sweet dog (chikita) and we were living it up with my best friend and most importantly , we were all safe, and healthy.

In October 2011, I was T-Boned, running an errand. The sound of this crash I will never forget, I was shaken up, as most car accidents can do. I was achy, but I managed to drive away, though my car was totaled…

As the evening went on I was having more and more pain.

I had called my sister when it happened, however her husband was just in an accident at the same time and she was needing to tend to him.

I made it to bed that night and has a 6am shift the following morning, at about 3am I had been tossing and turning all night with neck, back, shoulder pain.

I called my sister in tears as I couldn’t even move anymore in my bed. She insisted we go to the emergency room and came and got me.

It as severe whiplash, and I was needing to follow up with ortho regarding the other concerns.. Well this was a 9 month healing journey, I had therapy daily, ortho, chiro… could be a whole posting in itself.. but summary here 🙂

One job had to let me go because I was fairly new and they couldn’t continue to hold my spot, the other I had some sonority & was able to remain “employed & on leave”.

This took up the greater portion of 2011 and 2012. However I did start to date again, and that’s funny in itself I do remember my first date I had to cancel because the accident, finally I didn’t want to feel that I was brushing them off, so I committed.

I had tape all over my body, and was attempting to hold it together at a bar downtown where I could barely turn my neck to speak, or watch the game 🤷🏼‍♀️ but I did it — this relationship ended up working out for a good amount of time, but that’s not the point, it ended in October 2012 (?) idk it was a few days before my birthday… and whatever.

Fast forward after moving, and doing another restart in life.

4/2013 — I got a new job, benefited.. (adult things!) this is where things really started to take a turn for the better in my life, I was still scared and kept my prior job, however I was getting more then enough hours at the new one, o eventually made the decision to leave the other, once I felt confident, I was growing fast within the new company.

First off, Wilson teeth. Oh my lanta! They were killing, I took advantage of having health insurance and got an appt… they were all 4 impacted and needed to be taken out. I had this done— WHAT A RELIEF! And rather quick recovery!

Weight was creeping up and I hadn’t changed my diet & exercise routine, but I knew something was wrong my body wasn’t doing the things it should… such as monthly things.. it was 18 months without it..

I decided to start getting other things taking care of, and started to get established. Previous x-rays, and labs were becoming reviewed and perhaps going to lead me to some answers that had been in question for the last 8 years…

But you couldn’t stop me — I was cruising along. I had moved back in with my parents after the breakup and was paying things off.

Adventuring with my buddy, always any chance I could get..

Keeping myself busy, and being free….

Well, until about November 2013, when I locked it in with my now husband…

I had just gotten my own apartment, was continuing to work long hours, and living it up with my doggie, and loving dates with my then boyfriend.

We worked together, and could see each other at work if nothing else 🤣🥰….

( thank you Facebook for actually having photos of these times! )

let’s travel through 2006 – 2010

2006; preparing to graduate high school and become and “adult” the second I walk across the stage, right? High school is memory, however I do remember mostly going into the emergency room

For pain, trying to not drop to my knees and being told “you were born with too many eggs” “do you want some pain killers?” “This will pass but you will have these symptoms forever… I wasn’t ever directed to go to a primary care physician or specialist. This was normal for me, and this was going to be it.

I kept going and would push through it—

No matter what I did in the gym and ate I never could completely loose weight, or tone up certain areas of my body.

I would research what would be wrong, and perhaps hereditary, perhaps baby fat. No real answers…

2007 — 2010; these years made me and broke me. I would have been through a few jobs, a few relationships, and a marriage, ending in divorce after a year. In these years, my pains continued. I wasn’t taking care of my body the way I would have liked to, I couldn’t afford “eating healthy” and I wasn’t allowed to have a gym membership.

My stress was rising daily, my happiness was diminishing, I was loosing family and friends because of a toxic marriage.

Guess what I did? I ran away from this mid 2010, clear as day I remember July 4th I was away and with my loved ones and new, this was the end to a new beginning, finding photos of some of these times took some digging, but here’s some gems that show the toll I was going through.

The Journey Begins

I am Michele Rodriguez, I have been holding back on creating a blog for awhile- why? Because I wasn’t sure where it would go. After receiving some life changing news 11.20.2019 I have decided a place to write it all out would be a great escape- however the focus isn’t going to be on this news.

I am a mama, most importantly. A step mom. And a wife. I live my life with my cup very full. I work full time and I am a full time student.

For the last 14 years I have been trying to communicate my health and receive a diagnosis, or 7 or however many….

As of 1.5 years ago I have hashimotos disease, hypothyroidism. PCOS, insulin resistance, pre diabetic, food allergies galore… and a few more.

However a few nights ago, I got a call that we currently are processing and are unsure how it will impact our lives.

I think I will continue to keep this private as we work through it or maybe I won’t. Who knows.

I have lots of stories – and I plan to backdate my blogs to about 14 years ago, and summarize the defining times.

Thank you for joining me on this new adventure — I’d be crazy to not add something more to my plate.

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